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Live Online Pilates-based movement classes and wellness workshops. 

We teach women how to connect to their bodies & calm their minds , learning to move well, feel good and let go more. We do this through our range of live online classes combining functional movement, breathwork, mindful meditation & tension-release. We believe that when we learn to balance the flow and go energy within us, we experience a deeper peace, vitality & joy.



Our bespoke range of pilates-based movement classes designed to improve core strength, flexibility & fitness while reducing tension, stiffness & injury.

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Our core foundation class with all the essential matwork exercises, lots of variations & teacher's cueing.


Using light hand weights & combining pilates with functional movement , this H.I.P light class  (High Intensity Power) gives you that feel good factor!


Slower paced class combining movement, mindfulness & myo-fascial release to relax & release tension from the body & mind.

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More challenging class using small equipment like hand weights & resistance bands with some intermediate level exercises.


Our signature flowing class that will move, challenge & energize you with lots of coordination and sequences.


Slower paced class combining movement, stretching & breathwork.


Weekly Timetable - Live Online Classes

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9.15am - 10am


Mixed Ability Classes suitable for beginners & those with some pilates experience

9.30am - 10.15am


Mixed Ability Classes suitable for beginners & those with some pilates experience

9.30a.m - 10.15a.m


Mixed Ability Classes suitable for beginners & those with some pilates experience

All classes delivered online via Zoom




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About Me

I am Sara, the founder of Flow and Go Wellness. I am a holistic coach and movement teacher with over 20 years of experience in supporting, mentoring and guiding clients. I am so passionate about health & wellness and am on a mission to educate and inspire women to invest in their bodies, minds, hearts and souls! I am proud to be married 25 years to a wonderful husband and together we have raised three amazing daughters. I am a big foodie, being the daughter of an Italian chef, a house music lover, avid reader and occasional poker player. Family means everything to me so you'll often find us sitting around the table, eating great food and talking about every subject imaginable!


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